AT-100-T/R Type

Original Country : China
Minium Quantity : 1
Style Number : AT-100
Parameter : R/T Type


Based on the Goldmann principle which is a world widely accepted gold standard, AT-100 applanation 

tonometer can provide fast and accurate IOP measurement data to clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Adjustable mechanical design ensures the reliable measurement result and durable performance of 

the instrument. Repeated measuring procedures do not reduce the natural ocular pressure of the patient.

In combination with most of slit lamps.The measurement can be carried out on the patient sitting at the 

slit lamp in conjunction with other routine microscopic examinations.

Accurate Measurement

With years of tests and clinical applications, Goldmann has
been proved to be the the gold standard for tonometry
measurement. Based on the proven evidence, Amigo
AT-100 tonometer applied Goldmann principle in the design
and manufacture.
With precision manufacturing process,  Amigo  
applanation tonometer offers accurate and consistent
measurements which give a clear picture of patients' IOP
situation to the doctors.

Excellent Mechanics

Full attentions are paid to every detail in the manufacture of
MediWorks tonometers. Workers assemble every
component carefully and check tight tolerances in weight to
make sure the tonometer deliver consistent measurements.

Premium Optics

The prism on the tonometer is the key to accurate
measurement. In MediWorks, our skillful workers make these
prisms with great care and follow strict quality standards.
We offer 3 pcs of prisms in standard package making
MediWorks tonometers durable in long term use.


Range of Measurement:

0mmHg~ 80mmHg (0kPa~10.64kPa)  

Moving Range of the Rings:


Prism Diameter:                                                              

 7 mm        

Moving Range of Prism:

±1.5 mm  


 172 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm

  Net Weight:      

   R type: 0.8 Kgs   Ttype: 0.5 Kgs  

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