Original Country : China
Minium Quantity : 1
Style Number : AP-500
Parameter :

Mechanical  Pupilometer

Quick measurement with continuous direct measurement and accurate alignment.

High-accuracy Linear Sensor

Advance smart electronic system, visualized and accurate reading.

LED light source, adjustable lightness, auto shut-down time and adjustable step.

With VD measurement function.

Low power consumption

Available for +2.00D visibility compensation.

With self calibration function.

Effective measurement range

Binocular pupillary distance: 45mm ~ 82 mm

Left or right pupillary distance: 22.5mm ~41 mm


   ,2 m,1 m,65 cm,50 cm,40 cm,35cm,30 cm

Indication error


Asymmetrical error


Rounding error


Minimum degree interval


Distance of target

30cm ~

Categorized by electroshock protection type

Internal power supply equipment

Categorized by electroshock protection degree

Type B application

Power supply


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